Best Places to Find San Diego Toreros Tickets online

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Look, I’ll admit it — I’m really an Aztec fan at heart. But even us Aztec fans must concede that the Torero basketball program is very solid. On top of that the football program seems to be getting better and better (what, with that celebrity head coach of theirs and all.)

So if you are looking to find tickets to a game there are a couple of ways to go about that. The first thing to do is try to buy tickets directly from the school. We have links to where you can do that on our resource page. But if you don’t find the tickets you really want there, here are some aftermarket ticket resources that often come up with killer seats to the Toreros games:

1. First, check out these ticket vendors for pricing:

AIW Tickets These guys have a solid inventory and usually the best pricing as well.

TicketNow – These guys usually have a pretty good inventory and are a decent alternative to check.

2. If that doesn’t work try one of these after market vendors:

Anyway, these are the resources I usually use. Have a look and let us know your reviews of these options in the comments. Plus if you have another favorite let me know and I’ll add it to my list if I like it too.

Any questions? If not, enjoy your game (and drive safely!)

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